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Welcome to Guru Nanak Mission

Executing Guru Nanak's Mission

Love, Remembrance, Compassion, Justice, Charity, Equality, Education. These are several of the components that make up Guru Nanak's Mission. When one observes the activities of a Gurudwara, they should be able to infer the mission of Guru Nanak. We hope to make a difference in our local community as well as the larger Sikh community, by embodying the principles and ethos of the Sikh faith. We welcome one and all to come visit and experience the Mission of Guru Nanak.


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The Khalsa School of

Guru Nanak Mission.

Intent:  Inspire

Method: Connect all methods of learning to Gurbani and the Guru's Message

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Friday and Sunday Divaan

Keep Calm and Sing Keertan

Our Guru's word is poetry, poetry that is sung. The power that the Guru's Word reverberates is greatly enhanced when it is put to musical raag. Every Friday and Sunday, come and be awestruck by the singing of our Guru's Bani by renowned Keertan jatha's from our local area, as well as from all over the world. We routinely bring in visiting jathas in order to uplift and renew our Sangat's experience.

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The Practice of Naam Simran

Please join us every Sunday from 10am-11am when we practice Naam Simran Abhiyaas. Bhai Gurdas writes that Satgur Nanak brought back two things from Sachkhand: Naam and Humility. Guru Nanak taught us how to walk the earth with humility but also how to fly in the skies with Naam. By engrossing ourselves in Naam Simran we are able to take spiritual flight and enter the state of Anand. 

Join our Simran group on Sundays. We also have an involved youth group that holds Naam Simran programs on a rotating basis on Saturday afternoons. 

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Youth Keertan

Young Kaurs and Singhs take

center stage

Approximately once monthly, youth from our area participate in the running of the Gurudwara. From performing Keertan, to taking Hukam and doing Ardaas, the future custodians of our institutions lead the way. Any child is welcome. We even encourage adults to participate should they desire. Come one, come all, to lead, participate, experience and connect with the practice of Sikhi

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Guru Nanak's Mission


The words uttered by our Gurus and other Saints, as contained within our Guru Granth Sahib, echo the concepts of inclusivity and love. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our outward differences are only skin deep. Our Gurus preached the singular message of love toward all, and animosity toward none. The Guru Granth Sahib amazingly starts with a number. The number ONE. We are all one. There is no other. This was Guru Nanak's Mission. To impart the concept of recognizing all as one. This was emphasized by our Tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh when he uttered the words "Maanas Ki Jaat Sabai Ekai Pehchaanbo". Recognize all of humanity as One. 

Sikhi is love. 

Sikhi is compassion.

Sikhs defend Truth and fight injustice. 


This is Guru Nanak's Mission.   

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Get in touch with Guru Nanak Mission Gurudwara to learn more about our mission and how you can get involved.

Call Giani Baljinder Singh Ji 973-979-5748

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Secretary Guldeep Singh Sethi 646-460-0606

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