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The Sikh tradition dictates that we must think about others' needs before satisfying our own.  We have partnered with other organizations such as CUMAC to help those in need.  The Concept of Sarbat Da Bhala is a core value and means "For the upliftment of all humankind". 


Our older students are engaged in community service not for personal gain or credit, but rather to remain true to our core beliefs in helping those in need.


There is no greater joy than to help those in need. The concept of Vand Chhakna, another core belief, where we first give to others before we take for ourselves, is seen here in action.


The gift of giving is priceless. We are committed to helping our neighboring communities. Many people are too proud to ask for help. Just offering assistance to those in need, makes it easier for others to accept the help. 

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