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Registration for SAGE 2023-24 is now OPEN. 

For returning students, please follow the link below and click on the tab on the upper left labeled "Complete Enrollment". Sign in with the username and password you used to begin the registration process. If you forgot your password, click the tab "Password Reset".
If your student is new to SAGE, please use the tab labeled "Create Account".   

Registration will not be deemed complete until the application has been completed and payment submitted. 

All students must have a unique email address (not shared with a parent or sibling) and submit a headshot in order to complete enrollment.

Please use a desktop device to enroll, as mobile device functionality is not recommended. 

Click here to start and complete the registration process.  Acceptance to SAGE will be on a first come first serve basis. There is a limit to our enrollment so please submit applications as soon as possible. Applications received once full enrollment is met will be placed on a waiting list and fees refunded if we are unable to accommodate the student. 

We appreciate your understanding. 

Guru Rakha
Guru Fateh!

Team SAGE 

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