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Shastar Vidhiya

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Guru Nanak Mission

Shastar Vidhiya is a complete traditional Indian battlefield system from the Punjab, land of the five rivers, in the north west of India. It is a highly evolved and deeply conceptual art as it incorporates
sophisticated unarmed techniques with a variety of unique Indian weapons such as, swords, spears,
daggers, clubs, sticks, chain and ball, 'chakars' (quoits), 'bagh nakha' (leopard claw), etc., as well as tactics and stratagems.

We are going to run a 20 week access course. The access course is also known as the “savae raksha” course, translated as self-defence.

In the course, we will cover foot work, distancing, and basic hand to hand combat, moving on to stick fighting and then some wrestling and ground work. This course will have value from the first training session. The aim is to provide the students with the confidence to protect themselves, identify dangerous situations and learn out do diffuse and get out.

The science behind all the movements and the link to Gurbani is a major part of the course. The course contents are as follows:

1. Footwork and strikes
2. Footwork and understanding of locomotion mechanics
3. Basic strikes and going through the middle
4. Striking with lafeh tafeh
5. Strikes and techniques with open hand strikes
6. Use of Geri shadana
7. Application of Geri Shadana
8. Closed hand strikes, grabs and breaks
9. Introduction to mool combat effectiveness
10. Kicks in mool
11. Beeni Shadoni
12. Survival in mool durg
13. Beeni Shadoni and shoulder with mool
14. Grabs, holds and locks in combat
15. Striking exercises and martial games
16. Martial games
17. Sonchi with punches and introduction to stick work
18. Kicking
19. Five faces and receiving attacks
20. Transistion to grappling
Following the access course, we will start working on all the pentre (fighting forms), starting with the Khat Ang followed by
the Sapt Ang combat forms. Not everyone will progress to the fighting forms.
We will progress the training as per the students. So this course will probably take more then 20 weeks.


Sundays at 

Guru Nanak Mission

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