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Sikh Academy


Gurmat Education

         Inspiring our children to walk

           on the Gurus' path 

Not Your Average Khalsa School

Sundays at 

Guru Nanak Mission

What makes SAGE different? 

  • Non-emphasis on details or dates that don't get them closer to Guru Sahib

  • Require recitation of Gurbani via monthly video assignment

  • Each child learns how to/is able to engage in all aspects of Divaan Seva (Prakash, Sukhaasan, Chaur Sahib Seva, Prashaad distribution, Hukamnama recitation, etc...)

  • Anti-bullying techniques

  • Learns confidence building, how to be comfortable in their own skin. 

  • Gets exposure to other skill sets: Computer Coding Class, Gurbani Calligraphy Class, Athletics Class

Experience Sikhi

Sundays at 

Guru Nanak Mission

  • It is our approach that the Sikh path cannot be illuminated by classroom work alone. In order to feel the Guru's Bani, it must be sung in Sangat and kids must experience that amongst themselves. Once kids arrive at the school, they begin their day in their own Divaan area, where the children lead their Sangat in all aspects of Gurudwara protocol. They all have the opportunity to interact with their Guru, experience their Guru and develop a personal relationship with their Guru. Inspiring them to converse with the Guru is the goal. We try and connect them to Guru Sahib using the following techniques:

  • Gurbani word of the week​

  • Gurbani line of the month

  • Naam Simran

  • Gurbani recitation

  • Gurbani related topic discussions

  • Gurmukhi and Gurmat Classes

Gurmat Education

Sundays at 

Guru Nanak Mission

  • Our goal at SAGE is not to reinforce dates or test the recall of specific events. Our goal is to inspire children to want to walk on the Guru's Path, with their heads held high. By relating the Gurus' stories and supporting these with Gurbani, we seek to connect our rich history to the Gurus' wisdom. Stories that relate the tales of sacrifice, courage, compassion and humility, instill in children what their ancestors stood for and display how great their sacrifice was. By using Gurbani to reinforce these sakhees, our hope is to bring kids closer to their Guru by remembering the path forged by those before us. 

  • In all classes, children will engage in Naam Simran and the recitation of Gurbani 

  • Homework is Gurbani. The goal will be to surrender our own wisdom and ask for our Guru's wisdom in return. 

Gurmukhi  gurmuKI

Sundays at 

Guru Nanak Mission

  • Teaching our children how to read from Guru Granth Sahib is a necessary method for them to connect to the Guru's Bani. 

  • Gurmukhi will be taught through traditional methods but will also directly engage with one of the core tenets of SAGE, i.e. to connect to the Guru's Bani.

  • Learning Gurmukhi by learning Gurbani. 

Human Rights and

Social Justice   ਸਰਬੱਤ ਦਾ ਭਲਾ

Sundays at 

Guru Nanak Mission

  • We feel it is critical that our children understand the concept of Sarbat Da Bala, which translates to "For the benefit of all". In Sikhi, our daily prayer contains this line asking, not only for the blessing of Naam (self-realization, awareness of Waheguru), but for the well being of the entire human race. The Sikhs' Tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh writes, mwns kI jwiq sbY eykY phcwnbo  ("Maanas kee jaat sabai ekai pahchaanabo") or recognize the entire humankind as one family. 

  • This concept should translate into the understanding and awareness of the plight of other people from all backgrounds on our planet, not just those of the Sikh faith. ​

  • We will discuss the lives of freedom fighters of the world who fought against injustice. Understanding the impact of leaders such as Frederic Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson and Winnie Mandela will help to cultivate the need to take action when and where injustice exists.   

Additional Activities

Variable timings at

Guru Nanak Mission

  • Children are engaged in public speaking throughout the course of the year, where they will present their thoughts to the Sangat, on a topic relevant to Sikhi. They will be asked to submit written or video essays on given topics each semester, where they will be assessed for quality and inspiration. Scholarship opportunities will be made available to students of SAGE. 

  • They will participate in Anti-Bullying Coaching prior to the start of the school year

  • The children are expected to participate in service oriented activities that directly interact and engage with those of an underprivileged community. Many families lead ​comfortable lives, without struggle. However there are countless people in nearby communities that are not so fortunate and each month have to decide between paying their electricity bill and putting food on the table for their family. As members of the Sikh faith who seek to live up to and embody the concept of Sarbat Da Bala, it is our duty to help those in need.

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